"I will not lose!" - Monika Sans

Not to be confused with Monika, the standard soldier of the Monika Guard, one being the CEO of Waifu Labs, or Sans, a boss in Nozomi and Doggo's Grand Adventure.

Monika Sans is a boss in Cuphead 3: Please Don't Sue Us Edition and the main antagonist of Cuphead 3: Game of the Year Edition. She is also leader of the Monika Guard, the rival faction of the Meme Army. She was an Old Lord during the War of the Orb, where the Monika Guard was a smaller faction.

Story Edit

Created by the Creators at the beginning of the First Era, Monika Sans was a key player in the War of the Orb. When Jeff Cuphead accidentally let SiIvagunner win the War, Monika Sans swore eternal hatred to Jeff Cuphead. She kept this promise, forming the Monika Guard and gaining the title of Warlord. She took over many universes, including Gucciland and the Yeezyverse. When she heard that Jeff Cuphead has lost all of his memories and fallen into Gucciland, she was elated, and continued her conquest of the universes. One day, however, she was called by an old ally and IQ Lord, Matpat, to Gucciland. She knew this was her chance to take down Jeff. When she got there, however, she was weakened by a mysterious force. She gave it her all, but was not able to defeat Jeff Cuphead. She returned to the Yeezyverse, only to enjoy a few hours of peace before Jeff Cuphead appeared there, too. Monika Sans was confident when she heard that Matpat would be fighting Jeff, but he lost. After hearing this, Monika Sans took matters into her own hands, fighting Jeff herself. She only tested his power, not killing him. Confident after the battle, she let him go on. Eventually, he ended up defeating Xemnas, and Monika Sans knew it was time to act. She attacked Jeff for the last time, attempting to finally defeat him. He was stronger than she expected, however, and even using all of her power, could not defeat him. He had won. But, it was not over. During the battle with Mario, Monika Sans was resurrected, and got one last chance. Even here, however, she was defeated by Jeff Cuphead.

Abilities Edit

Monika Sans displays many abilities during her battles. She can manipulate bones to her will, creating walls, mazes, and waves. It was also shown during her final battle that she can conjure the attacks of other bosses, and use them against her enemies.

Personality Edit

Monika Sans is confident, and a strong leader. She angers easily, and is powerful enough to make any enemy regret meeting her. She is determined, and will stop at nothing to destroy her enemies.

Appearance Edit

Monika Sans appears as a female character with long reddish hair, and a white bow. Her eyes are black pits, one with a glowing blue light, and her mouth is a wide smile. She is dressed in a school uniform and holds up a blue heart.

Trivia Edit

  • Monika Sans's design is taken from Doki Doki Literature Club and Undertale.
  • Monika Sans was, at one point, planned to be the final boss of Cuphead 3: Please Don't Sue Us Edition.
    • Many backgrounds from the planned, but never implemented parts of the boss fight remain in the programming.
  • Monika Sans has the most background out of any boss in the Cuphead trilogy, even if you don't include the scrapped ones.