The Monika Guard is an army of clones created by Monika Sans to battle against the Meme Army. The members of the Monika Guard are fragments of Monika Sans' power, and are all named Monika.

A member of the Monika Guard first appeared in Cuphead 3: Please Don't Sue Us Edition, although it was not stated as such. It was also planned for a Monika to appear in Cuphead 3: Game of the Year Edition, though she was never added. The group was first named in BA Legends: Dr Gucci.

Story Edit

Cuphead 3: Please Don't Sue Us Edition Edit

The Monika Guard made their first appearance as the boss Monika, who appeared after Big Smoke and before Matpat. Although it is not stated they are in the Monika Guard, all Monikas are part of it.

BA Legends: Dr Gucci Edit

The group makes their first and only named appearance in BA Legends: Dr Gucci. They invade Dr Gucci's realm to take it over for Monika Sans, and when he refuses, they summon Monika Sans herself.

Theme Edit

The theme of Monika in the only game she has a theme is Your Reality. It can be said that this is the theme of all Monikas, and the Monika Guard.