"Get nae nae'd fool" - Jeff Cuphead

Jeff Cuphead is the main protagonist of Cuphead 3: Please Don't Sue Us Edition, Cuphead 3: Game of the Year Edition, Cuphead 3: Finale, and Calamity Dating Sim, and he played a major role in Endless Tussle. He was an Old Lord during the War of the Orb, who later went on to multiple Universes, finding many allies and enemies. He is also the leader of the Meme Army.

His birth name was Jeff Cuphead, but he became general of the Meme Army in the Second Era, claiming universes under his benevolent rule. He later fought The Creators, although the fight didn't last long. Afterwards, Delta gave him the title of Inspritable. When he defeated SiIvaGunner, the Creators gave him the title Giver of L's.

Story Edit

Made by the Creators during the First Era, Jeff Cuphead was declared the Old Lord of Cups. He fought valiantly in the War of the Orb, but fell to SiIvagunner in the end, becoming bitter rivals with Monika Sans. When the Second Age began, Jeff Cuphead was appointed the Lord of the Dabiverse. Shortly after, he heard of Monika Sans’ army, the Monika Guard, and the trail of destruction it had created through the universes. He raised his own army, naming it the Meme Army, after the battleground of the War of the Orb, Memetopia. He earned himself the name and title General Jeff Cuphead, and set forth to save the universes. During the Monikan War, the powerful mage DaymanOurSaviour looked into many possible futures. He found from his observations, he must create a wormhole for Jeff Cuphead to fall through. He made this wormhole, and Jeff fell through, losing his memory and being cast into Gucciland. After fighting his was through Gucciland, and eventually defeating its Lord, Dr Gucci, the Creators themselves appeared to him, giving him the title Inspritable. However, this tore a wormhole through space, causing Jeff to fall into a parallel universe of Gucciland, the Yeezyverse. He again fought his way through many trials, until making his way to the Lord of this universe, Monika Sans. She told him everything he had forgotten before engaging in one final fight against him. After defeating Monika Sans, Jeff was given the title Giver of L’s by the Creators. Returning to his own universe, he found it had been taken by none other than SiIvagunner. Jeff defeated SiIvagunner, even his transcendent form, with help of the Creators, Dr Gucci, and the three IQ Lords. From here, Jeff went to Calamity High, but found problems there, too. Two previously met enemies, Doggo and Nozomi, had been fused because of SiIvagunner’s death. They needed General Jeff Cuphead the Inspritable, Giver of L’s to help them. He did, and it ended with Calamity High burning to the ground by the hands of Calamitas, who was now defeated. From there, Jeff Cuphead remade his army and kept peace over the universe. When necessary, he helped Delta when he was trapped in the Void. Finally, in the end, he defeated the revived Monika Sans and SiIvagunner in the battle against Mario. Not much is known of his whereabouts after the battle.

Abilities Edit

Jeff Cuphead has used the power to summon a plane whenever he wants, allowing him flight. His main form of attack is shooting a projectile. In Cuphead 3: Please Don't Sue Us Edition, this was a red solo cup. In Cuphead 3: Game of the Year Edition, it was cranberry sprite. He also has the power to call upon the Precursor Depmux, #10, to obtain extreme power, able to instantly defeat most enemies. However, each time he uses this power, there is a chance the very fabric of reality itself will fall to pieces, and so he uses this power sparingly.

Gameplay Edit

While playing as Jeff Cuphead, pressing space will shoot a damaging cup projectile. You can move around to dodge attacks using either WASD or the mouse, depending on the game. You can also use Cheat Mode to change how Jeff Cuphead looks, and shoot a laser that will one-shot bosses.

Personality Edit

Jeff Cuphead is laid back, but confident and powerful. He also talks in a strong Sugondese accent. He tends to make allies easily with those he doesn't defeat, and rarely gets mad.

Appearance Edit

Jeff Cuphead wears large red shoes, red pants, a black long-sleeved shirt, and white gloves. His head is in the shape of a cup, as his last name would suggest, with a white- and red-striped straw coming out. He is usually seen in a red propeller plane. He has large eyes and a red nose.

Quotes Edit

Cuphead 3: Please Don't Sue Us Edition:

  • "MAH NAME JEFF" (When n key pressed)
  • "OOF" (When taking damage)
  • "How could you Michael? She is a THOT" (When Michael Jordan resurrects Monika)
  • "no u" (When Michael Jordan is killed)
  • "Nah fam dat show succs" (When asked about Rick and Morty by Matpat)

Cuphead 3: Game of the Year Edition:

  • "OOF" (When taking damage)
  • "O no, I cannot cure that. I must find Citrus, the source of the Big Gay" (When Doggo is defeated)
  • "Oi gay lemon fool could you cure mah mum of gay" (When meeting the Rainbow Lemon)
  • "What u want" (When talking to the Rainbow Lemon)
  • "Nah fam get shancced" (When denying the Rainbow Lemon's deal)
  • "Hit the chug jug. Also don't play this if you haven't played Game of the Year Edition Part 1 first." (At the beginning of Game of the Year Edition Part 2)
  • "no u" (When nerfed by Jeff Kaplan)
  • "w h a t" (When Bill Nye's Matter Duplication Device is used)
  • "yeezy" (When Bill Nye's Matter Singularity Device is used)
  • "Get BEANED!" (When Monika Sans is defeated in her second fight)

BA Legends: Dr Gucci

  • "Ay fam" (When approaching Dr Gucci)
  • "FAM Y U TRYIN TO KILL ME" (When attacked by Dr Gucci for the first time)
  • "fool idk who u even are but u bout to get nae naed" (When about to battle Dr Gucci)
  • "STOP TRYIN TO KILL ME FOOL" (When attacked by Dr Gucci during battle)
  • "oh" (When Dr Gucci ascends)
  • "I... will not die. Gucci dam, what if, instead of u killin me, we just yeet on monika sans" (After Dr Gucci's final attack)
  • "yeah fool, it'll be an ez dub" (When talking to Dr Gucci after the battle)
  • "Epicswag" (During the conversation with Dr Gucci)

Cuphead 3: Finale

  • "Yeeted. Now I finna reclaim the dabiverse" (After defeating Monika Sans)
  • "SILVAGUNNER! I thought you were killed in the War of the Orb!" (When discovering SiIvaGunner in the Dabiverse)
  • "U gonna get beaned fool" (When talking to SiIvaGunner before the battle with Robbie Rotten)

Trivia Edit

  • Jeff Cuphead's design is taken from the platformer game Cuphead
  • Jeff Cuphead was the first character designed in any BA game, and originally was not named Jeff. Due to an easter egg that caused him to say "my name jeff", he was given the name Jeff Cuphead.
    • The Inspritable part of his name comes from many failed attempts by Delta0212 to sprite him.